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Who are we?

Jembro can assist you in managing your intellectual property at whatever stage in the process you feel it to be appropriate.

  • Is there an issue with your patent application - does it appear that it might be missing something?
  • Maybe you're having difficulty identifying the appropriate marketing channels.
  • Is your prototype not shaping up like it should? 
  • It could be that the thought of presenting to and negotiating with a potential licensee seems a bit daunting.

There could be many other issues that give you cause for concern where that little bit of expert help could make all the difference. In such instances Jembro can help you progress your idea's development thereby maximising the opportunity and minimising the risks.  

Areas of expertise

Jembro has worked with countless patent attorneys, design institutions and licensees enabling clients to "get it right" first time.
Jembro's in-depth understanding of the issues surrounding IP development and management have helped clients across a broad range of industry sectors in progressing their ideas through each stage of their development, so maximising the opportunity and minimising the risks.
An initial consultation with Jembro may help to identify and even solve any potential problems and get you back on track. It might be that Jembro can identify other areas with which they can further assist in the development of your idea.


32 Franklyn Road, Old Aylestone, Leicestershire, LE2 8LL.

Name of Contact: Rob Lucas

T:  rob.lucas@jembro.org
W: www.jembro.org


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